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Chicken wings

The Chicken wing consists of three parts. The wing tip is also called the flapper, the middle part is the wingette, the flap which is flat and then the meatiest part is called the drumette. Drums, or drumettes, resemble small chicken legs, with a single, main bone running through the middle. Mostly Chicken wings are made with Wingette and Drumette.
Chicken wings can be fried, grilled, smoked and baked and tossed in an infinite number of sauces, rubs and glazes. The wings are juicy and crispy; when you bake them in a hot oven and make sure you don’t over bake them. This option is healthier than the deep fried, however they aren’t quite as crispy or juicy as the fried wings. For simple way of baking is, pre-heat oven to 425 degrees, sprinkle salt and pepper to wingettes and drumettes lay them on baking sheet and bake. Frying in oil adds taste to wings, but it is not recommended because of the fats in the oil. Air fryer wings are healthy too.

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